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Posted by Tweak on October 24, 2000 at 03:07:27:

In Reply to: Dead End Back Problem posted by Doris on October 24, 2000 at 00:06:54:

I don't know about fixes for bulged discs, stenosis (although my wife had 3 neck vertebrae fused, and the diagnosis I was given was stenosis), deterioration (unless it is the same as degenerative disc disease, for which I am undergoing fusion). But I do know that one can get 4 different diagnoses from 4 different doctors. DO'NT GIVE UP. Keep researching procedures, doctors, and diagnoses. I must believe that there is help out there for you. I do not know your medical history, but I know that I have been criminally misdiagnosed for problems in the past. I suppose that I will get slammed for making such bold statements, without the benefit of 1) Any of your medical history A)a medical degree, but I would like to think that there has to be a procedure or set of options that simply have not been found, tried, or properly diagnosed for your conditions. I know the feeling of despair, and I detect it in your post. If you've been through too many years of this to take any more, than my apologies. If you need someone to say hang in there girl, and don't give up, well I guess I said it. MY heart goes out to you, Tweak. Talk to me if you want, [email protected]

: I saw my doc today,for the last time. Wrote me a script for more,Ultram,vioxx and told me I shouldn't ever go back to work again. I have read many stories on this board about back surgeries and other things like & etc. I thought it was awful to think about the pain some of you endured to go through surgery,but at least you had some hope of getting better if not cured. Now here I sit tonight, hopeless,and wondering if I'll be a crippled,swiveled,old lady when I grow old & barely able to walk or straighten up. All I have is a couple lumbar disc bulged and stenosis, and deteriotation. Does anyone know of something further that could be done,besides a life time of pills and excersize? I've had the mckenzie P/T and epidural and nothing has helped. Thanks and God Bless

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