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Posted by Robbin on October 24, 2000 at 04:21:57:

Hi everyone,

I've been told by three surgeons so far that I need a fusion on L5-S1 because of a very positive discogram. One of my surgeons told me that the IDET doesn't work but the the other two think that I have nothing to loose by trying it. I haven't heard too many positive results concerning the IDET so I'm weary of giving it a wirl. And yes, I would have something to loose: my sanity by going through another painful experience! Last June, I had C5-6 fused. I was wondering if there is anyone here that had the IDET who was a candidate primarily because of a positive discogram where pain was reproduced and the dye was seen extravacating out of the disc. If there is anyone out there, I'm dying to hear about your experience! I'm afraid of trying the IDET because I heard that it is only 50% effective. It is also fairly new so there aren't too many people experienced in doing the procedure. I'm terrified of having another fusion with a titanium cage because I was told that it would be more painful than my neck fusion.

Talk about depression! I'm am amazed that I haven't off-ed myself yet. To me, hanging in there has been lifes biggest accomplishment. I never thought that at 26 years old I'd be in this predicament. Although I couldn't imagine being past 40 and dealing with the pain of the surgery. I sure would like to enslave the b*tch that rammed my car and did this to me. Justice is not money. Justice is her having to quit college like I had to and making her do all the housework and cleaning I can no longer do!

So anyway, if there are any IDET survivors please e-mail me at [email protected] I would reeeeeeealy appreciate it! The best teacher is experience.

*Personal thought* Doctors need to be less stingy about prescribing pain meds because God only knows that if they had any idea how painful back pain is they would be begging for drugs. God, the Emergency Room would only give me 5mgs of Percoset when I'm on eight times that amount (40mgs of Oxycontin)! What the hell is wrong with this world!

Bless all of you pain survivors,

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