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Posted by alan zykofsky on October 25, 2000 at 02:17:46:

i am feeling not so good. i am having alot more trouble recently. this accident has set me back more than i thought. the nevre damage is the super killer it makes my life one of hell.i am on 300 mg of ms contin rt now so i feel a little better.
i hope you are feeling better. i give you alot of credit you can work and travel as well. i think you have a great constitution. i have been out of work for almostr 3 ears now, and for the past 5years it adds up to a part time job. the career i am in i can't afford to be part time and expect to make my business grow. i ama stockbroker,but i lsot my business and this has made more pissed and depressed. i wish i could get back to work,but right now it jst seems so far off.
thanks for letting me vent here.
i was on oxycontin,but not methodone. i have the same problem the pills just stop doing the job and i have to increase my dosage and take more pills, and this makes me veru tired and i hate it,because i nedd more to get rid opf the pain to toerable level.
i dofind the ms contin better than the oxycontin. i am not sure if it is better than dilaud.
i am going to call a new pain management guy tommorrow to get some new pain meds. i need more coverage my self.
i am just in a waiting game until next week. that is when i get my mri's done. i hope nothing new has happened . i really do not want any more operations, but the nerve and burning pain is much worse.
damn insurances companies stink. they take your money, but don't ant to pay for treatment. they have killed the medical profession. i ahve other choice words that i will refrain from using.
i really hope you feel better,a nd you get what you need done so you can have a normal life agin. and it is quite ok to vent. anytime you have anything to say just say it. you are brave and strong hang in there you will find peace soon.

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