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Posted by ben on October 26, 2000 at 15:46:55:

i know dealing with lawyers can be frustrating.But you should not have to light a candel under your lawyer. he works for you not the other way around.the more he works for you the bigger the settelment.the more money your lawyer gets the bigger his paycheck.some lawyers don't work real hard for there clints they opt to settel the case for less money so they can have a big clint list. so basical they become lazy but they don't care because the have 50 other people they represent and the less they work the bigger retune.i call my lawyer or his aid once a week just to let them know i'm still alive.if i have questions conserning my case i let them know that i would like some kind response back.i also bought my lawyers aid a big box of candy to thank her for all the work she has been doing for me.that way she will not forget my name or my case.people tend to get lost in all that paper work.but if i call she always remembers my name becuse of the big box of candy i bought old friend of my told me that really does work.did james file a work comp claim on his first injury and if so was that claim denied?.did you seek out and hire a lawyer.the later is the most important.if your not represented by a shark(thats my nick name for lawyers) it can be really frustrating to try it on your own.we just don't know enough about work comp laws..i live in california.whice happens to be one of the worst states for temp disabilty payments.the most you can make in ca is 490.00 a week compared to i think its ohio or one of those other rectangular states in the midwest the cap is upto 890.00 a week.its sounds like the work comp on james first claim was playing the lets stall so the person ends up going it to debt and will settel for less money just in order to feed there kids.i'm lucky i just sold my house and put the profits in the bank.i to had a work related injury on my first job.i had repeated injuries to my back whice were all paid by work comp and when i had my last injurey to my back and filled a claim they fired my after 12 years on the job.boy was i pissed i hired an attorney.i stated a new job after i became permanet and stationary.started off as a sales asst. but worked my way up the ladder to asst.manager in six months.worked approxamently a year and a half when i fell down a flight of staires at work.the claim against my first job was denied.but after i hurt myself in my second job and finally got to see docs they said my first job was repetadive injuries and they were responsable for a good portion of my injuries.thats when the first claim on my former job there ins.companey made an offer to settle the case even thou the case was denied.i told them to stick where the sun didn't shine.we are going to sue them for discimnation over fireing me from job of 12 years.there also was a change in the laws consurning sue for discrimnation befour you could only settel the claim in work comp court system but know you can take your employer to civil court and sue the paints off them. thats why they wanted to settel the claim. i'm really going to enjoy sueing them.did james put a claim in on his second job for the injury he attained when he work for them.if he did file a claim they can't fire him in less it was a work nessaty.but they still have to offer james a possition even thou it might not pay as much i think it has to be a least close to 85% of what he was making.i may be wrong on that but ask your should alwayes pursue the injury.if you don't you could lose alot the injury that james suffered on his second job less than a year old.i think there maybe a time limit on how long after the injury you can file.also deb does your health insurance you have on your job cover prexisting condition like james has.these insurance companeies have so many loop holes you can drive a truck thru them.the most important thing is if your lawyer is not working for you fire can do that it's very common.this is your life you must be very pro active in your case.learn as much as you have the internet as a great can find almost anything you want on the internet.remember work comp can chew you up so bite back get a good lawyer and never quit fighting.also check work comp boards they are a good resorse of questions dealing with workers would be surprizes how many people are going tru the sames thing you are.i hope i have helped you but remeber i'm not a lawyer and every states has differant laws conserning work comp.i to have to be trained for a differant job.every time i've started a new job its been better than the going for computer training.this is where its very important to have a good lawyer.if you don't like your lawyer fire him a check for lawyer with a good track record. hang in there and be very pro-active in your case it could only benafit you.get mad and get tough with your lawyer make him work for you. thanks ben

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