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Posted by Deb and James on October 28, 2000 at 15:48:26:

Hi Krisst.I just read your resonse to Fran.I have to tell you,FIGHT WORKERS COMP!If you don't have a lawyer GET ONE!and SOON.Please excuse the exageration but we have been there done that.They will do whatever they have to to close your case.The typical case is denied at least twice.You usually have to go fight it all the way up to a commisioners hearing.But if you have a lawyer, w.c. usually waits until the day of the hearing and then says"ok" to everything.Don't let them jerk you around.We have learned this the hard way.Get a lawyer(it does not cost you a cent)they only get paid if you do.You will find out if you have a case number you can see another doctor.There are many strings of red tape that they want to catch you up in.The w.c. doctor is going to do anything he can to end this quick but if you get a lawyer you can fight this.James whole case was dealt and is being dealt with by w.c.IF they have approved you and you have a case number you can go to any doctor with it.Since this doctor is a w.c.,and he is trying to tell you there is not a problem you definately have to fight this with legal assistance.Plus since your doctor does not specialize in back problems you can insist that w.c. sends you to an ortho or neuro to go over your mri's.I know it is a struggle,we have been dealing with them for three years and it has been no picnic.But this is your health and you have to take charge of it.You are too young to be dealing with this and unfortunately if you don't get help now it might be too late later.There is a man named Ben that has posted in here and he too has had a lot of dealings with w.c.Please ask any ?'s you want.I hate to see people get taken advantage of by w.c.This comp is here for a reason.Employers pay for it and then cry if someone has to use it.They are only this tuff to deal with because of all the people who have taken advantage of them,but that is NOT FAIR TO THE REST OF US.Anyway,good luck and I really hope you fight this thing and get better.Oh yea,you are right about this place,there are great people in here.Some of the best I have ever met.Take care Krisst and God bless.

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