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Posted by Francesca on October 29, 2000 at 09:15:01:

In Reply to: Re: Hi Francesca posted by Beverly on October 29, 2000 at 01:29:27:

Hi Beverly,
Sorry to hear about your mom's health and her cancer and trying to bring her back to "a natural healty state". I would also like to applaud you on your ability/desire to bring your body back to a "pristine state" if you know what I mean. With all the "junk" that we're faced with everyday that's a really difficult thing to do.

As I read about all your "accidents" from toddler to teen you never mentioned ever having any kind of tests done to your spine (other than the spinal tap) like x-rays, MRIs, etc. to see if any damage was done to the spine as a result of these accidents. Have you ever had any done - even recently? An injury causes all 3 of these syndromes and a "trauma" is anything that is "shocking" to the body's system. Even a death of a loved one can be a cause. I've done much reading on all 3 only because of what's been happening to my back. At one point in time I thought my back problems and the constant daily pain would create RSD for me in the future. I still have that fear. That's why I'm in a desparate search to rid my body of this scar tissue. If the nerves constantly feel pain, it's the nerves that become altered creating these syndromes and left untreated will remain that way for life. It's like our body being "re-programmed". If I am lucky enough they will be ridding it with arthroscopic laser surgery. As a matter of fact the place is located in Florida. I hope to hear from them within the coming week or so.

In a way all 3 of these syndromes re-arrange our body's chemistry. It's constant pain, stress, etc. that alters the nerves which in turn creates these manifestations of these syndroms. It's kind of scary.

You said you always "bounced back" from these injuries as a kid but one always has to remember that they will surface much later in life. And it's obvious yours were definitely left untreated. No doubt why this progressed to MP/MPS. Do you mind telling me how old you are? And also what natural substances you are taking and if they are effective. I read where "Pycnogenol" cures FMS/MPS. I take it myself as a matter of fact. Has it cured it? Who knows but it's known to bring the body back to our original version? Have you heard of this yourself or done any research on this stuff? Get back to me and be well.

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