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Posted by dani on October 30, 2000 at 14:02:18:

In Reply to: Re:Remember the wb site? posted by Deb and James on October 30, 2000 at 12:20:25:

:HI there Maria!

When are you going to see your surgeon? He'll be able to best translate the MRI (I'm just stating the obvious!!)
Don't panic a lot though..because you know that many people can have degenerative changes in their discs
without any maybe some of the discs with DDD aren't the problem?

the c6-7 herniation may be what is causing your pain. Could you look up on the internet sites that explain what
your symptoms are for herniations at different levels?? I have a sheet on it at home, so when I get back in an hour or
two I'll re-post. But, in the mean time try typing in cervical disc radiculopathy.

It is the weirdest thing that the day I saw your post about having problems with your hands tingling and your neck,
I began to think about me having the same kinds of problems (I mean, I thought this before I read your post!)

I'm just scared to investigate! (I'm sure you understand..but you sucked it up and did it anyway!)

Well, I'm having pain in my neck when I turn it side to side and I have pain in my shoulders and in my right thumb hurts
and it gets tingly. arggghh. It could be stress reason to start worrying (ya right!!)

I hope you doctor's appointment is soon so you can stop wondering what your MRI results mean. I've heard that cervical problems are
more responsive to treatment that low back if it turns out that your imaging explains your symptoms, keep that in mind.

oh Maria! I know it's tough but you are a trooper princess. hang-in there buddy!


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