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Posted by Kay S on October 31, 2000 at 19:03:51:

In Reply to: Re: For Francesca and anyone else posted by Maria (Bos) on October 31, 2000 at 06:00:03:

That's OK about the book. The more I hear the more I learn. I'm trying to find out as much info as possible before I rush into anything again. That's why I'm in some of this mess. I listened to a chiro tell me he could fix me and now I'm in worse shape than I was to begin. Anyway thanks for the help. I'll keep you posted on what happens. Kay
: Hi Sue K., I dont know anything about this Botox Injection, but maybe I can help you be more confident with your decision.
: First off, have you gotten more than one opinion that this Botox injection is necessary? If yes, okay....we're rolling.
: Next, do you fully understand the pro's and con's to having the procedure done? If not, do more research..
: Now, I don't think you'll have a panic attack during your injections because thank god to Prince Valume (sp ?), you'll be just fine...
: Kay S., if you've done your homework :), then you just have to make a decision. Yes or No. If yes, take it one day at a time. I read this saying once that I thought was perfect "today is the day that yesterday you were worried about, was it worth it?" It's not exact, but it's close enough. You may need one, two, five , one hundred. Who knows? Why worry about it so much now?
: I you decided not to have the procedure, that's okay too. You dont "have" to have it done. It's your body, your call. If you don't go through with it, find another option. Their are more I'm sure. I don't know your condition, (I'll probably look it up when I'm done typing here :o)) But there has to be something else other than the Botox injection.
: I'll give you a personal example to hopefully make you feel better.
: I'll try to make this quick, because I'm already writing a book to you.
: I have 3 kids. All three labors I said "no epidurals" (I hated the thought of a needle in my spine, yuk, it still makes me quiver!!) My first labor was for 32hours. Yup, 32 hours, with no epidural. My other two were about 12 (not as bad I guess), but I insisted "no epidurals". Ironically enough a year after my 3rd child, I had 2 laminectomies, since then I've had 4 epidurals. I was a wreck before the first one. They had me all "doped" up, but I was still freaking out (off course the procedure lasted about 10min and the drugs about 3 hours). During the second one, I was uncomfortable, aware of what they were doing, I whined about it before during and after, but it wasnt as bad as the first one. With the third one, I just whined. During the fourth one, I was still "doped" up becasue I didnt want to take any risk of panicking, I talked about the Red Soxs game with the anesthisiologist (sp?) during the procedure. So my point is, it gets better Kay, it really does.
: Hang in there, please feel confident in what ever you decide to do. I will pray for you Kay.
: Maria (Bos)
: Sorry for the book

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