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Posted by Francesca on November 01, 2000 at 23:03:23:

In Reply to: to francesca posted by alan zykofsky on November 01, 2000 at 22:01:53:

Hi Alan, I most definitely can't fault you these days for being "agressive". You should see how "agressive" I'm being at work but I feel they deserve it and have had it coming for a long time as far as I'm concerned and the "war" hasn't even yet begun yet! But that is "work" and this is the "boards". It's like nite and day as far as I'm concerned. I didn't get to understand all of it because it was all gone (deleted before I could piece it all together) Oh well maybe it was for the best?

So what's going on? How was the first of the "series of MRIs"? I read your post to "Dani" that today was the first of them? I hope you made it thru? Those things are a real pain in the neck (sorry for the pun) Listening to some really relaxing great x-mas tunes! I know it's early but I was looking forward to them since lunch time! Don't ask! I'm a real nut when I want to be. Which is ALL THE TIME! I LOVE ME!?

I can agree about not wanting to be "attacked" that's a terrible feeling, but do it with more class like something someone would never expect! LOL! Like I'm going to be doing at my job real soon like Friday!! Long story, I'll e-mail you about it before than! I promise. It's great. It'll make you :o)!

I was happy with the quick response also but my doc most definitely "rained" on this parade today. Not sure yet - will find out tomorrow. I knew it would be to good to be true? No I've never had the RF procedure done. Kevin 24/7/365 had it done and said it came back even worse because the nerves regenerate after 6 months time. And I thought that procedure was the "cure all" to end all "pain" procedure. Kevin informed me that it wasn't. Why, Alan are you thinking of having it done? If so I would get a lot of opinions on it. I don't know much about this procedure but it doesn't seem worth it. Especially what Kevin had to say about it. Maria from NY of the board had the same thing to say about it. (that it didn't work) I personally would pass on it! I'd rather have 20 discograms in a row...I think?!

If your going for another MRI tomorrow or your first think happy thoughts, it makes it easier to bear. They just have to find an easier way for us people w/back/neck problems to have one of those things done. Be well and post back soon.

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