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Posted by Stewart on November 02, 2000 at 22:21:13:


Thanks for thinking of me. I think of you too. I haven't posted much because I have been watching the goings on with the board and have been a bit disgruntled with it. I too miss the old ways. The finger is fine. I think I mentioned I took the stiches out myself. Kinda got sick of them. How is your back doing. As I come off of the meds I find that I am sore. I have gone down from 16 vicodin a day to 8-10. I realize that is still too much, but, I am proud of every step I take. I also found out that my sister who had moved in with me had stolen many of my drugs and then had expressed her concern over how many I have taken. She let the cat out of the bag during one conversation, obviously she didn't mean to let it out. She had been counting my meds to see how many I would miss. This included my vicodin, xanax and robaxin. I have a call into my Dr. to tell him that I might have a problem from being on this doody for almost 3 years but it might not be as bad as we previously thought, meaning it is very possible and probable that I wasn't taking 16 vicodin a day, it just looked that way when I counted them. Needless to say, I have thrown my sister out lock stock and barrel. While she was at work, I packed up all of her stuff and put it in my spare outside room, hid the spare key to the main part of the house and told her to come get her stuff. She went to my mother and told my mother that I am a drug addict. Mom questioned me and we had a few words. You need to understand that my sister was missing for 10 years and is mentally ill and here my mother was questioning me about something that my sister said. Anyway, onto healing. Do you have a problem warring socks?. I do. It bothers my feet. Let me know. Also let me know how it is all going and if you are driving and if you are how it is going. Thanks again. I really needed some acceptance today and you provided it. God Bless....Stewart.

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