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Posted by Linda on November 05, 2000 at 08:41:22:

I posted on the spinal disorders message board and someone suggest I post here. Sorry for the length of my story but I've been looking for answers for years. I know I can't be the only one out there with this problem.

I have been in pain for 15 yrs. I have spondy at L5, which causes intense pain in my SI joints and down the sides of my legs. As you know, some days are worse than others. I sleep on my back with 2 pillows under my legs and hope for the best when I wake up. 10 years ago I started having neck problems. My entire upper body went into spasm. I spent the next 8 years going to a chiro. After a couple bad falls and a blow to my head I started getting lightheaded and dizzy. An MRI showed a disc herniation at C56. I tried PT, only to get worse. Constant neck spasms. I ended up with vertigo two yrs. ago and every time I lay back, I would get a huge electric shock in the back of my head. I went to several neurosurgeons who said it was my ears. I ended up having surgery for a fistula with no success. My neck hurts all the time. As I sit here and type I can feel a burning feeling down my spine. My hands are weak and have started to atrophy. My arms and legs fatigue easily. Because of my lower back problems, I have always exercised, which did help me be pain free for years. I'm 39 and own a fitness Ctr and used to teach aerobics, until all this happened. I just had a new MRI, which showed a large bone spur at c56, invaginating the thecal sac and moderate compression on the cord. Now, they say it may be causing the problems. Nobody really seems to know. The right side of my face moves contantly. I have ringing in the right ear. I'm very sensitive to sound, it actually makes me sway. My balance is off and I'm told that is because of the spasms in my neck. My brain no longer uses that info for balance. I'm visually depandant. Head mri and blood tests have all been neg. I can't sleep on my side because I wake up with pain in my shoulders. The other day I woke up and the back of my head and top of my neck were completely numb. I've never had my head fall a sleep before. If anyone can relate to these symptoms or has had similiar symptoms from c56 spur and herniation, please let me know. Thank you for your help...

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