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Posted by Linda on November 05, 2000 at 11:46:49:

In Reply to: Re: Has anyone had these symptoms... posted by Deb and James on November 05, 2000 at 09:01:37:

: HI LInda and welcome aboard.I am sorry to hear you have had so much trouble.Besides the mri's have they done more extensive testing?Mylogram,Discogram in the c5/6 area?IF it is a bone spur,I would think they would be making the suggestion of getting it removed.It most definately sounds like it is pinching nerves and after this long of time it no doubt has made permanent nerve damage.This is way too much for doctors to say they are not sure.Keep searching until you find a doctor who wants to remedy these problems.What kind of Meds are you on.Have you heard of Celebrex or Neurontin?No I am not on these but many people in here are and they can and help you out even further.I am sure you will get many responses.This is usually a great place.We have just been having some problems lately so please excuse and forgive us.We wish you all the best.Take care and God bless.

I have had a lot of tests but mostly for my ears. ENG, ECOG, BAER. They were all neg. Except the balance test. I'm told I have a visual vistibular mismatch. I did get a CAT scan last week and I'm waiting for the results. I've been on a lot of medications. Right now I'm on noratrypline. It mostly helps with the dizziness and my state of mind. I've been on clonopan - no help. Valium, dapro, trazadone (which made everything worse). The theory is that because of my balance problem my brain uses my neck for compensation. I don't have a very good spine. Reverse curve in the neck, kyposis in the midback, spondy at L5. I am mostly trying to find someone who experience this electrical shock sensation in the head. I think it's the main cause of my balance problem. It's very strong but does not cause pain. It does not radiate to other areas and when I get up, it vanishes and I'm usually left feeling very off balance. No doctor can seem to explain it. One ENT said I may have a lession somewhere in my inner ear. My last doc said I probably have nerve damage "learn to cope". I just feel not enough has been done yet to give up and if there is nerve damage, where? I go in two weeks to a neurosurgeon and orthopedic surgeon. I'm wondering if maybe it's a cerebral problem. It seems to be common for facial spasm. I'm going to ask the neuro about it. Thank you for your support. Linda

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