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Posted by Leigh Gaffney-Bain on November 06, 2000 at 06:26:35:

In Reply to: Re: SI Joint Bracing? posted by todd on November 05, 2000 at 10:16:05:

: Well, I've never been diagnosed -officialy- w/ a hypermobile SI joint(s). I often feel a popping sensation in my SI joints then immediately afterwards pain and inflammation. I go to a chiro 3x p/wk. He pops it back in, it seldom helps but it does seem to be the only positive measure i've undertaken for my SI pain.
: I have a slight scoliosis in my lower spine which has tilted my pelvic and sacrum. I was involved in a skydiving accident in which i'm sure tore one or many of the hundreds of ligaments that attaches the sacrum to the pelvic/ilium. The day after the accident the pain began. I'm so dissapointed that no doctor ive visited in the past 4yrs has even attempted to diagnose my condition. If you're having success w/ the belt im willing to try it. I feel for you if you have serious SI pain. It's very intense at times and I would'nt wish it on anyone.


What you described regarding the popping feeling sounds very much like what I have. Try doing a little research on both, I know the Ehlers-Danlos National Foundation has a webside at but I don't know the Hypermobile site. Review the information there and take it to your doctor and see what they feel and believe. Just mentioning it is all, I found myself feeling great happiness to know there was a garunteed reason for the oddities of my health and body. I just felt you might like something more definitive as well.

As for the SI Joint Brace (belt) - yes, I do obtain some relief from the belt. Not as much as I wanted, but that might be something that comes over time. Soon as I can I'll get the brace's data regarding the model and maker of the brace and let you know. I had my doctor write a prescriptions because many of these brace shops won't file the insurance and sometimes won't offer service without a prescription for the brace. Right now my insurance seems to be paying 100% of my SI Joint Brace. So give it a try if you want. It's been worth it to me so far. Now before you jump out of your seat at the computer typing away, ask your doctor for a trial. Meaning, ask your doctor for a script that let's you try this SI joint brace. This way, if you are not happy with the results, you are not out anything. :)

Hope this helps

- Leigh "Who's-Insomnia-wears-off-a-bit-in-this-message-before-returning,-so-I-hope-it-makes-sense" Gaffney-Bain

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