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Posted by Francesca on November 06, 2000 at 19:21:36:

In Reply to: Re: For Francesca posted by Kay on November 06, 2000 at 09:36:01:

Hi Kay, yes something doesn't sound right with the insurance and/or doc's office. This procedure is covered by any insurance company as long as it is not cosmetic. Remember botox is used as a wrinkle remover? (Like to we really about wrinkles when we so many other problems? Sometimes I have to wonder about these things Kay)! LOL

I still haven't gotten a chance to "research" Effexor. Like I said I've never heard of it, but if it helps with anxiety I would be most interested only for the reason that I fear being "on the road" with other traffic. It's really a site to see me drive. Talk about fear. I live less than a mile away from work and I get really anxious. It's comical to people I work with but they couldn't possibly understand. I happy it works for you but why are you taking it to begin with??? And why are you having panic attacks? What is freightening you? Or why are you anxious?

I've never heard of chemical imbalances causing inflammation unless of course you have fibroM. Or RSD. Nerve "regeneration" also causes this too. It's hard to explain but it's like our body's nervous system being re-programmed. Like having one's house re-wired. That's all we people are. A 5 foot plus wiring system. That's why people are only worth I believe 15 dollars in chemicals! Without these chemicals we would be

Careful about tolerating to much pain Kay. Pain not reprograms our nervous systems but causes permanent damage. So if you can put an end to both it would benefit you.

Have you heard about James and Deb new web site?? We are all "transferring" there so if you like to join us I know I definitely want to know what's going on with you.... that you should e-mail them for the site information. I will miss answering any new-comers questions if I could have helped them, but I've had so many posts and web sites deleted by the Mod. that it was really heartbreaking that anyone could do that. If you'd like I could e-mail you the info or you can e-mail J&D (James and Deb! o:)) Be well

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