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Posted by Elaine on November 08, 2000 at 16:45:27:

In Reply to: for Elaine posted by Jill D on November 08, 2000 at 12:26:36:

: Hi Elaine - thanks so much for asking about those - now I don't know what to do!! I've been taking them because I HAVE to take SOMETHING (I've also been taking tylenols or tylenol #3s in addition when I need more) I wish I was in the boat you are - with no back pain!! I really am worried about the amount of pain I still have - I'm so afraid something is wrong or out of place, something. I think I'm going to have to call my doc and discuss this.

: As for the new site - it is a new back pain site created by Deb and James - it is nice and even includes a chat room. It is not meant to replace or take away from this one, just another place where we can post, and at theirs, we are free to post ANY website, even those with business contact information. You are doing just fine posting - by George, I think you've got it!!
: the adress for Deb and James new site is:

: And guess what? I'm blonde too! And by the way, did your doc ever mention anything to you about how long (this is so embarassing!) you had to wait before having "intimate relations" with your husband? Just curious :)

: God bless your day!
: Jill
My loudmouth girlfriend went to one of my appointments with me before surgery and made it a point to ask the doctor how long before "intimate relations", she emabarrased me to death. Anyway he said at least three months and possibly longer. I have to tell you my husband is not the least bit happy, I tell him to go take a shower, that goes over big. I also asked the doctor about my arm again and he still says it will come back that it will take time, doesn't seem to think that a month has been long enough. He said he could put me on a steroid that would make it come back quicker but I hate those things so I told him I would give it awhile longer. Two different chiro's from forums say to go to a chiropractor but that is from a chiropractor's mouth. I can't imagine going to one after just having back surgery. I think you should stop the anti-inflammatories and just take the pain meds. Glad you asked me about that.
Take care,

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