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Posted by Martin on November 08, 2000 at 20:18:55:

In Reply to: Re:Hi Martin! posted by Francesca on November 08, 2000 at 19:20:00:

: Hi Martin, it still amazes me that with all the "discoveries first originating from the UK" you guys can't get any medical attention. Something's wrong with that in my opinion. I know that they don't have the medical insurance companies over there like they do over here but still that's no excuse for not helping someone in need. I read your Vax-D post also and it sounds like it would help you tremendously and you are absolutely right it is traction only for your body which allows the bulging disc to go back without surgery. Since you are only suffering "a little" that means your disc has the ability to go back "where it belongs". Have you given some thought to coming to the US and having this done? Would it even be possible for you to "visit" to have this done? If it's possible for you to do that I could "hook you up" and I'm sure you'd be chuffed for life! :o) By the way our buddy Rick of the boards is opening his own back board! So pretty soon I'll be there! I would hate not being able to chat with you so the address is It under construction now so check it out but soon it's going on-line and I hope everyone of my friends here joins us there. Just for the record Martin....I could care less who the next president was! The way I see it who ever it doing nothing for me expect making my tax bracket higher. Nothing beats being single with no kids in the USA (This is a joke by the way)! And you think the UK is BAD? I'm more disallusioned with my country than you could ever be with yours...and I have health insurance and am free to go to whoever and where ever I please? :o) Be well

Just done a little bit of research on VAX-D all the trials for this treatment were done in a London Hospital so it must be available in this country it proberly is'nt on any of the search engines. Guess what I am only 70 miles from London
things are looking up LOL :o) WELL CHUFFED. The same in the UK all Politicians are the same all out for their careers. Regards Martin.

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