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Posted by Maria (Bos) on November 09, 2000 at 06:08:39:

I'm okay Dani girl. I'm hanging in there. My arms are killing me, and I feel them becoming weeker and weeker every day. It's hard to sit and type any more. That's sad. I come in here and read the posts, and I can't reply to them anymore. Oh well.

I'm sorry your dad couldnt' handle it Dani. I know I would be heartbroken if I had to sit there and listen to a doctor tell me that my baby needs more surgery. I know I would sit there and ask a million questions, and I would nail the guy against the wall, and when I was done, I would decide if I wanted this man to do surgery on my baby or not. I can tell you that my husband wouldnt' be able to handle it. For example, my 2 year popped a hemoroid, and my husband cried becuase he was thinking about how this poor child will suffer all her life, and as a grown up, and when she becomes a mother, and and....Oh well. To me it was just a hemoroid. LOL
It would have been nice if he could have held your hand, and given you the emotionally support you need. But on the flip side, we are talking about serious surgery, on his baby. He feels helpless, he probably feels responsible for not giving you a flawless body, he probably feels like he has failed you as a father. God knows what is going through his mind, but I can picture me, how I would be if it were my child, and I can picture my husband, and it just wouldn't be the same..:o)
I sent my info to Dr. Pedlow a week ago, I have to call them back and see when can I see him. I don't know the other doc. you mentioned, I do have an appointment with Dr. Ozuna on Dec. 5th, and another appointment with another guy at Milton Hosp. He came hightly recommended by a friend.
Who is going to do your surgery? Is it Dr. Ozuna? Is that who you went and saw the other day with your dad?

Well Dani, I hope you are well. I pray that you find some relief soon. Thank you for that beautiful email you sent me when I was down. I have saved it, because I know I will be needing to read it every now and then. You are a true angel Dani.
Stay well.

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