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Posted by Ajit on November 29, 2000 at 04:25:15:

In Reply to: Re: It's Just Pain, It won't kill you ! BUT DOC? posted by DGBAL on November 25, 2000 at 23:42:57:

You're right, "idiot doctor"...there are places you can register a complaint against this doctor for being so inhumane and uncaring. Most hospitals have an office that handles it. Find out what hospital he has privileges at and register a complaint. I think it's usually the Medical Program, but you can call any hospital and ask the switchboard to direct your call to the people who take care of ensuring licenses of doctors are up to date, their addresses, any continuing education credits which are put into their files, etc. They also keep track of the number of complaints against a doctor and each complaint is looked at seriously by a board made up of various professional people. I found this out oddly enough when I went to work in an office as a temp. and it was very timely because I went to a doctor who said the same thing to me. They walked me through the paperwork and I discovered there were many patients who had complaints against this doctor.
Good luck, and I hope you get resolution for this ongoing problem. It's bad enough that we have to live with this pain 24 hours a day, but to have a doctor tell you, "it's only pain" obviously has some problems. They try to hide behind the "I don't want to have my license taken away for prescribing pain (narcotic) medication"...well, I found out that is not much of a problem or worry. Thank goodness there are Pain Management doctors, usually anesthesiologists, (many who are very caring and concerned with your level of pain). They have internal controls in the way prescriptions are handled--a bookkeeping type system and it complies with Federal and State regulations.

: : Hi, Went to my back evaluation doc this week. I have a pinch nerve & marked ddd and bulge in L3/4 & 4/5. I hurt my back at work in April of this year. This idiot doctor told me,it could have happen to my back anywhere,not just at work. He told me to go home and stay active and throw away the ultram,& vioxx and not to take anything,he said I didn't have a tumor or disease and that it is only pain. Talk about incensitive. Don't know if he rated me or not,will know in ten days. I was going to a neuro and see if they could help me,but he made me feel their is no hope left. I'm in pain everyday and nothing helps. I was so mad when I left this doc's office, I just wanted some imput on my thinking,is this guy a nut or am I? Thanks for listening and everyone, be well

: Hi Doris,
: I would have ask him to stand up and then walk up to him and STOMP his foot as hard as you could and then tell him to go home and stay active, it's just pain and it won't kill you. Wonder how he would have liked that?

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