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Posted by Deb on December 01, 2000 at 14:28:14:

In Reply to: neck, upper back ,arm and shoulder pain and migrains posted by denise nunez on November 30, 2000 at 23:39:33:

Hi Denise and welcome to the boards.First of all I agree with Jill.You have to be a bit pushy with your primary doctor.They tend to blow you off instead of dig deeper for the cause of the problem if they can not figure out what is wrong with you.Some say it is all in your head.Well numbness is a sure sign that it is not in your head.It sounds like there are some nerves being pinched.Have they done any tests on you in the past to rule out inflammation around the nerves?An ex-ray will not show much.The MRI will show if there is nerve constriction.It does sound like it can be a disc problem.Has the doctor put you on any anti-inflammatories?If they will not listen to you,request to be sent to a specialist.A lot of times your primary will not admit that they do not know what is wrong and play like it is something else.The first thing a specialist will do is get an MRI.I have problems with my neck also.My hands will go numb all of a sudden and lying down only makes the problem worse.They did an ex-ray on me and of course it did not show anything to be wrong.My next step is an MRI.I do know for a fact that nerves are being pinched.I am on vioxx and flexeril which is a muscle relaxer.What is your occupation?Have they mentioned anything about carpal tunnel syndrome.There is definately reason to be worried and if I were you I would not let the doctor blow you off any longer.It could lead to permanent nerve damage.I wish you the best of luck.Take care and GOd bless.

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