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Posted by Patsy on December 07, 2000 at 21:45:44:

In Reply to: Re: Back Pain posted by PatG on December 06, 2000 at 20:47:36:

Hi I have a herniated disk (L4-5) and the doctor told me the only way to get feeling better is for
surgery. I did have steriods injected into the back just to relieve the pain and it did help some
but if do too much I have the pain right back but I do know that I will have to have surgery. Don't
trust a company doctor, go to you own. And yes you should have a CAT or MRI

: : Hello. I am new to this. In august I was assulted at work by a client. He hit me and pushed me...causing ne to hit hard against a toilet bruising severla parts of neck and back. I have been in non-stop pain since then. I went to p.t. but that sisnt help. There are some days that I cant' even move. about 2 weeks ago my Dr. had a mri done of my lumbar region only and found i had herniations on L4 and L5 and that I had a buldge on L3 (I think.) my problem is that my Dr. States I should be feeling better and that my recovery is to slow. I have major pain in my neck and between my shoulder blades in my calves and the top of my feet. My Dr. isnt listening to me and workmans comp. is not approving a MRI of my whole spine. I also have lots of numbness on my bottom (perrinal area) Does anyone one have any suggestions on decreasing pain, convincing my Dr. to refer me to a specialist, or what is wrong with my back. I am frustrated and depressed. This whole injury has been hard on me and my family. I did just make an appt. w /a lawyer to see if he could help me get the treatment I need.
: Dear Shawn Marie:
: I have had two back surgeries, one on my neck(C5-6) and one on my low back (L4-5). I am 100% disabled due to my back condition and have been for almost 10 years. Does your doctor know about the numbness? Is this doctor a workmans comp doctor? I was not eligible for workman's comp, but there are others who may post to you that are more familiar with workmans comp. I've heard that workman's comp people can really "play games" and attempt to get out of the responsibility of taking care of people who are eligible for workmans comp. Numbness around your bottom is an indication of a pinched nerve somewhere. My problems are in L4-5, S1-2, and I get numbness in that area and more! It seems to me that something is WRONG!!! That is why you are in pain and you are having numbness. You need a doctor that cares!!! I am sorry to say, but that doctor's comment of "you should be feeling better" and to simply put you off is wrong!! I am glad you got an attorney. If you have told this doctor, "I am unable to move at times, I am in terrible pain and I have numbness", was his comment simply you should be feeling better? If this doctor refuses to help you, I'd suggest getting another opinion. Do you have insurance and will they cover another doctor visit?
: I can understand your frustration and pain, as well as your depression. If you are stuck with only this doctor because of the workman's comp, I hope a letter from your attorney will get his attention. You also need some good strong pain medication for this. Don't let up and let them "push you around!" If you have any more questions or just need to "vent" your frustrations, feel free to post again. Take care of yourself and I am sorry for your situation. PatG

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