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Posted by Shawn Marie on December 17, 2000 at 14:21:25:

In Reply to: Re: Morning pain in mid upper back posted by maria (Bos) on December 17, 2000 at 08:36:14:

: Hi Carol.
: You were right about one thing Carol that you dont really get any good answers as to what's causing
: the back pain. Unfortunetly it's really a guessing game sometimes.

: I have DDD (arthritis) from C2-C7 (as well as C6-C7 is herniated) and L4-S1. The C disc (the discs in your neck)
: cause a lot of pain on my shoulders, between my shoulder blades, my arms, and neck. Unlike you, when I wake
: up in the morning my pain is at it's least. It gets worse as the day progresses. Regardless of what is
: causing your pain, have you changed pillows lately? Whether you have DDD, herniated disc or muscle
: spasms, your pillow could be playing a big role in your pain especially if you find it to be worse in the
: morining. It's hard to say what you have with the symptoms you've described, but I can tell you mine and see
: if you can relate to any of them.
: I can't look up or down without feeling pain starting from my neck and it radiates to my shoulders. My head will only go so far before.
: You can not touch the area of my neck because it's so tender. My arms become weak and numb
: a lot through out the day and night.
: I have a lot of pain between my shoulder blades. The pain is usually a burning pain, with sudden
: movements, or stretches it feels "electric".

: Have you tried ice packs? If you put ice packs on and you get some relief, it might be a muscle spasm.
: My physical therapist recommended I use a bag of frozen peas, leave it on for 15min, put it back in the
: freezer for 15min, and keep doing it until you find it's starting to help you. (don't eat the peas after you've
: used them :o)
: Ask you husband to press with his thumb around the neck area to see if their are any tender spots.
: Have him start pressing 2-3 inches from each side of your spine towards your shoulders, not your spine.
: If you feel pain in any area away from your spine, most likely it's a muscle spasm. Hopefully that's all it is,
: because that can easily be treated with some muscle relaxers and physical therapy.
: Sitting down for so many hours a day can really do some damage.

: Your doctor is probably going to be really conservative in the beginning stages of your treatement.
: I don't think he will order any X-Rays or MRI's which is too bad, because an MRI can really tell you
: what is going on.
: If he doesnt offer you anything more than a patronizing tap on the shoulder, go see some one else.
: Don't let any one tell you theirs nothing wrong with you, because you knwo your body more than any
: one else.
: Hopefully he will order you an MRI, but he would only do that if he feels that this is not a muscle spasm
: and that this is a disc problem.
: Ask him about antiflammatories (eg Relafin), or muscle relaxers.
: Ask him to get you into physical therapy, and preferably McKenzie (sp?) PT. ( you might have to search
: online to find mckenzie therapy in your area)
: Ask him about injections, and at what stage would he recommend it.
: If he doesnt make any suggestions at all, ask him to refer you to a specialist. (orthopedic, neurologis,
: physiatrist, spine specialists, anything!!)
: Back pain that has been going on for longer than 6 mos, indicates theirs a problem. Please don't let him
: brush you off as a hypocondriac. Most physicians do. It took me a year to get someone to finally listen
: to me, and get some tests done. A year of constant pursuing.
: I truly hope your doctor will be more aggresive than most doctors, and I hope he makes some suggestions.
: I find myself going to my doctors appointments with a list of things I found on the internet and telling him
: "okay, what about this...., or how about this....,"

: Good Luck Carol, and I'm sorry for the book. I pray that you get some answers, and help.
: Please let us know how your doctors appointment goes. I am anxious to find out what he has to offer you.

: Be well
: Maria

Maria, You gave some excellent advice. I also have horrible pain and burning between my shoulder prevoius md (who everyone on this sight thinks is a moron.)Told me that my Herniatoins in L3 L4 L5 and S1, along with being very large breasted caused this pain. I really liked your suggestions and I am going to talk to my new DR. when I see him. Thank you and as always you have been very helpful!!

To Carol: Good luck and hope that you get the answers that you are looking for and that your pain decreases so you can enjoy yur Holiday season.

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