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Posted by PatG on December 19, 2000 at 15:29:09:

In Reply to: To Pat G. posted by Shawn Marie on December 18, 2000 at 23:01:47:

: Your reply was beautiful. It touched me in so many ways...I sat here crying while I read. I cried a lot of different kind of tears: grief, sorrow, empathy and happiness. I cried for your story and for mine..for everyone on this board. Your story is one of frustration and loss. Maybe the way that you deal with your loss and the emotional truama that goes along with it is by helping other people. You have a strong voice and seem to be very important to the people on this board. I am glad to have the privledge of hearing your heart and having you give me the gift of a sympathetic ear. Thank you for all that you have said and not said.
: My lawyer appointment went well. He gave me great advice and was very down to earth. My husband came with me and asked a lot of good questions. I was really getting taken advantage of by my work and didnt realize how many choices I had. Things will be a lot better now that I have a lawyer involved in my case. I am very used to being in conrtol of everthing and now I am in control of husband had been making jokes about how all of a sudden I am this little old lady who can't do anything...fragile and weak..whiny etc. WE had a big blow out because he was not understanding what I am going through...he understands a lot better now. Things are really starting to look up. Thanks for listening...I really wish that this was a local board or that I could find someone in my area that is going through simular things...any ideas on how to do that?? I hope that your Holiday is pain free and I appreciate your kind words and the time that you took out of your day to help me with mine....Thanks, Shawn

Dear Shawn Marie: Marie is my middle name. It is a good one. I got teary eyed when I read your post. I have joined the arthritis foundation for $20 per year, which includes a magazine every two months. Through that organization, they do have support groups, if you live in a town. We live in the forest, in the middle of nowhere, as my husband has PTSD from Vietnam. He has never felt too well, as PTSD affects his digestive system. That is why I always helped him do the heavy work I used to do. I thrive on work, but it was also necessary. Anyway, I don't go to any meetings anywhere. Even if our car was a good car (wing and prayer here with the car), it is 1 hour to the closest large town where they have meetings. Plus, I'd have to sit up at the meeting after a 1 hour ride and that hurts me. I have a special chair I sit at the computer that is for screwed up backs. I kneel on a padded knee part and it allows my back to stay in a good position and helps the pressure on the spinal disks that are all bulged below L4-5. Actually, my back support is right here, helping others and reading about others. I have my daughter and grand kids right next door. When I see that 13 month old little girl, all my pain takes a back seat. Don't get me wrong, I'd love to meet and talk with so many of the people here. It would be the ultimate!!!!! I'd check with your local hospital, ask your doctor or his nurse, and possibly a Community Mental Health Center. The Community Mental Health Centers often work on a sliding fee scale to counsel others if income is a problem.

I am really glad you saw the attorney and that you feel comfortable with him. You DO have some legal issues and rights. Now you have found out that you were being taken advantage of. GOOD FOR YOU!

Thank you for your kind response. Seeing as how my 19 year old son just left yesterday, being mad at us because he doesn't have a drivers license (DUI which HE did himself!) and we cannot afford his insurance, we would not let him drive this old car. We have tons of snow, the car has bald tires, so he left, saying he is going to sell drugs. Then in another breath, he says he is going to find a job. THAT IS NOW MY ULTIMATE DEPRESSION! Merry Christmas to mom and dad, right?

So, Shawn, your response, just telling me that I am kind and caring means more to me than you know. SO, thank YOU for your kind words. Happy holidays to you and your family. Take care, PatG

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