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re: denture phobia's

Hi Peyton03

After 20 years of dental phobia I finally managed to see a dentist in January of this year and if I had known how easy it would be for me with the help of the right dentist then I would have saved myself from many years of pain, humiliation and misery.

I got to the point where my fear of not going to the dentist was nearly as bad as going so I decided to see a dentist who advertised in treating phobic patients. My first appointment was just for a chat but I felt so comfortable with him that I allowed him to look in my mouth despite the acute embarrassment I felt at the time. Embarrassment was definitely a major factor in me not going to the dentist for a very long time because I was so ashamed of the way my teeth had deteriorated. However, my dentist reassured me that my phobia was not my fault and that the people really responsible for it were those connected to my dental management as a child. Once my dentist knew the extent of my problem I stopped feeling embarrassed because he reassured me that he could have me smiling again in no time. True to his word, I now have gorgeous looking upper teeth and most of the work done on the bottom Ė 3 more extractions and a partial denture fitted will make my treatment complete for now.

I canít tell you the difference it has made to my life and I hope you find the courage to make an appointment soon. Donít let your embarrassment ruin your life because most dentists will be completely understanding and will just want to help you. Good luck.