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re: denture phobia's

I was in your shoes in mid febuary! i was soo scared of being laughed at. my teeth ALL when i say this were rotted to gum line from years of eating disorders/neglect.I finally just made the apoointment and when i got there i told them straight out that i was 25 and knew how bad i looked so i didnt need to hear that but rather what they could do to help me.Also ask and make sure they feel comfortable treating dental phobia people. I had all 31 teeth pulled april 1 and am waiting for dentures on june 8.Once the appointment is made you will be scared but also relieved knowing that help is on the way! i also suffer from panic disorder/ agoriphobia so if i can get myself thru this i have faith you will also prevail. keep posting on here because i owe all my leaps to the helps i have had on here.Just go meet some dentists and see who you feel comfortable with.Please save what you can while u can!I'll keep you all in mind and prayers. Update us please....hugs gossgal