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re: denture phobia's

I have the same phobia... But today I finally found a dentist in my home town that does extractions all at once and put the immediates in and I made the appt.. I was sweating up a storm the whole time I was talking to the lady on the phone.. I have two fears going in for the appt on Mon.. One, him looking in my mouth and what he is going to say to me and the Two I am so scared he is going to say he can't do it and I am going to have to see an oral surgeon.. Don't get me wrong I would love to be knocked out but I am trying to save my family as much money as I can... My seven year old will be referred to the orthodontist? in July... I want to spend as much as I can on my kids having the smile I always wanted...So I will keep you updated w/ my situation if I don't get kicked out again..I don't know what I keep doing wrong...