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Re: What does 1 and 90 mean

I agree that it does cause a lot of unwanted stress- however; you do want a diagnosis before you go into labor. For example, if DS- there are often heart problems, etc associated and the Dr. may not want the stress of a natural birth for the baby. If it goes the other way and Spina Bifida is the diagnosis- then you would want a Neurosurgeon and a team of Dr's ready to perform immedate surgery to close the opening around the spine in order to reduce the amount of paralysis.

So, all in all - it is a good thing to know and be prepared, even if it wouldn't change your mind. And you can always prove the false positive AFP wrong with a Level 3 ultrasound and an amnio.

Good Luck to you on your new adventure- sounds like you are almost there!!!!!

Originally Posted by Teresa882003
I too heard the AFP or the blood test they do at 18weeks cause false positives so I opted not to have them done! I saw no need to cause unwarrented stress during pregnancy. On of the first things I read they would do would be an ultrasound, which I have had several checking on the placenta. And personally, I didn't want to risk the Amnio and could think of no reason I would abort so I chose not to have that test. I do wish you the best of luck! Hope everything turns out!