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Re: Where is everyone???

i've noticed that too (that everyone's gone). i've been reading all the posts, just haven't had too much time to reply to too many (that's my excuse!). i've been real busy with work and then my boyfriend's friend just moved across the street so we've been hanging out over there a lot lately. but it is kinda hard to reply to posts when there aren't too many new ones huh? i hope everyone is doing ok and having low pain levels like Gina said, I hope you are too Gina! I know mine have been pretty decent overall. I just started using my left arm again to give my boyfriend back massages again, a nightly well all the time routine. I was just using my right hand since I was diagnosed cause it hurt too bad to use my left, but I figured using my left now that I can tolerate then pain more and have had some PT would be good for like building up strength in my arm and wrist again, all the pushing and finger movement and whatnot... maybe i'm just spoiling him more

but like i said i hope everyone's ok! drop a line and let us all know!