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CT scan or MRI and what is the difference?

I was in auto accident in my 20's and my neck was whiplashed of course - garbage truck rear-ended me going 50! Peeled my MG auto from around me - only me and the seat I was sitting in were left! Rescue didn't bother to try to get me out because they figured I was dead!

Anyway I have had recurrent back pain which was diagnosed as myofascial pain syndrome - pain I suppose that refers down the right side of my back, but my arm/shoulder really seems to be the culprit - I also played softball when I was young (first base) and I really think the pain I am experiencing all the time under my right shoulder blade comes from overextending my arm throwing the ball!! If I am perfectly still and don't walk, it doesn't hurt, but as soon as I go for a walk, oh brother feels like a burning pain in the same place. I know arthritic pain you are supposed to move the area, but this seems to hurt when I use my arm. Sitting at a desk, computer of course wreaks havoc and I take IB infrequently as well as SOMA which makes me "zombieish" usually at night when I know I can rest.

My question is should I spend the $ for a CT scan or MRI and what is the difference? If my arm has been overextended, is there any repair surgery for this? It is so debilitating to be in pain every day already -- not young 55 but feel more like a dicrepid 80!!! Heating pad helps, but I am sick of "riding it"! Thanks!
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