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Re: 2 basic angina questions

Originally Posted by EWF
1. It is said that most exercise-induced angina lasts only a few minutes and then subsides when activity is stopped. So I'm curious, if one does not stop exercising upon feeling the pain, wouldn't the pain then last for the entire duration of the activity, i.e., more than just a few minutes?

2. Is angina always accompanied by shortness of breath?

Thanks for any insights anyone may have to offer.
As woodworks mentioned in his case, I can only tell you my perception of the discomfort.

1. The first time around, my angina was brought on by simply moving heavy objects, and eventually I experienced it at rest, while typing at the computer. After the 1st stent, and prior to the 2nd stent is where I had my most experience with reproducing angina during exercise. Everytime I would start to jog, the discomfort or "pain" started in my left shoulder and progressed down my arm to the biceps region. I would slow up the exercise and it would slowly dissipate again, perhaps taking 5-10 min. If I continued to run, the discomfort that I experienced "maintained" a specific level.

2. In my case, no, not always accompanied by shortness of breath--at least not the 2nd time described above. During episodes prior to MI, while at rest, I would say yes, there was a feeling of not getting enough oxygen. I would take a deep breath and feel like it just wasn't fulfilling.