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Re: I'm selfish with my baby. Is something wrong??

Dont feel bad, its not just a first time parenting thing. I am and have been that way with all my kids. I have a hard time letting my DH hold my kids when they are infants. It does get better with time though. After several months or so, you start calming down and it gets alot easier to let people hold them. Now watching them, like babysitting, Ummmmm...well I am still working on that one. My oldest is almost 13 yrs old and other then my parents which watch my kids rarely, and my ex hubby and his mom, I have had 1 babysitter, I met her when my son was less then a month old and I didnt allow her to sit for my kids alone until he was 11 or 12 months old. She was the only one I trusted, it took a very long time for me to trust her. When I finally did allow her to sit for my kids it was only for maybe an hour. Sad thing is...she was my neighbor, I saw her everyday during that time, she was great with my kids and my kids loved her dearly as did she did them. She is now 22 yrs old and moved and has her own life, so she no longer babysits for me, she hasnt sat for me in about 3 yrs, I miss her. LOL I still talk to her quite often though.

Trusting someone with your children is hard. You are literally trusting someone with your life (my opinion anyways).

It will get better as your infant gets older.