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Re: I'm selfish with my baby. Is something wrong??

Don't feel bad, I know I will be the same way, I have said so since I found out I was pregnant. My SIL had a baby last Aug. and they just pass and pass and pass that baby around when he was first born. Well I know that will NOT be happening with my baby. I am sure I will probably offend someone, but you know what its my baby and I will be doing what is best for him so if they have a problem they will just have to deal with it. I also know that my Mom and Sister will be the only ones allowed to keep my child. My mom said she was the same way when we were babies. She said she didn't even like my Dad to hold us when we were newborns. Its just a protection instinct. I don't like the idea of them being passed around like rag dolls. I have heard that it will get better when they have a little age on them.

As far as people wanting to wake your baby, are they crazy!! Don't wake a sleeping baby!!! Especially when the Mom asks you not too.

I remember when my SIL's baby was like 4 months old at a family gathering her and our other SIL kept putting things in the baby's mouth and I was about to FREAK out. I told my husband that if they tried that we would have World War III. I don't believe in giving the baby anything without instructions to do so from its parents. Our SIL was feeding him icing from a birthday cake, and told his Mom after she did it. So I will be watching my baby like a hawk around them.

Don't worry about it, she is your baby!!! And you have to do what you are comfortable with. I myself have worried a bit about people wanting to hold my newborn, I am sure I am going to make some of them mad!!! I don't ask to hold a newborn, and I have even turned some people down because I don't think they should be handled so much. Good luck
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