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Re: Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer

Originally Posted by Sue Harwood
I need a miracle!!! My 65 year old husband, Steve, has Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer in the lining of his right lung. He had chemo off & on for 11 months. Last time was 11/00. It was decided to stop & go after quality of life as chemo did no good & he did not react well to it. We were told that it is starting to spread to the casing around the lung. As far as we know, it has not yet spread anywhere else. He has stopped working, wants quality of life, but is still not feeling good. Does not sleep at night, has pain which we are trying to control through hospice visits, gets very short of breath & is using an Option I Converter machine as well as portable oxygen tanks. The drugs have slowed him down, & feels crummy most of the time. I've tried some herbal therapy, but hospice doesn't want me to any longer as it could interfere with the performance of the pain drugs, etc.
I want to find an alternative clinic or doctor who thinks he can save Steve. I'm not good on the internet & have found no useful answers. Any guidance would be very much appreciated. I have read about a couple clinics that help terminal cancer patients, but I don't know how to find them. Thank you for anything you can tell me. Sue


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