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Wink 6 months post fusion-Life is great

Just checking in, it's been awhile.

Everything is absolutely wonderful. So great that I know I have a follow-up with my doctor sometime in August, but I couldn't tell you when. That's the first time in years that my life didn't center around medical appointments.
Since my 360 (anterior/posterior, global) fusion in January I've had days where I thought "what the heck have I done" but all in all I feel 100% better. Oh I pay for stupid things I've tried (note to self...although it's possible to move a television, you will pay!!!) Weather tends to bother me more than anything. I think it's low pressure that gets to me. I don't know if anyone else has noticed this??? I'll get to test that theory more as hurricane season approaches.

I can touch the floor from a standing position
I can lay on my back, my right side, my left side and even my stomach!
I can sleep (ahhhhhhhhhh)
I can swim, run, and play.
I'm just waiting for surfing, (oh please, oh please, oh please) golf and roller coasters. Hey doc said skydiving wouldn't be out of the question so???

I didn't drop in to toot my own horn I just wanted to even out the playing field a little bit. I had sooooo many questions before, during and after my surgery that were answered right here. Heck, some of my questions even came from here. Tends to be that those of us that are lucky enough to come out of this mess bruised and battered but not broken, dissappear. I just wanted to stick my neck out here and show that positive results are possible.

Hang Loose!!!

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