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CFS is a misdiagnosis

hi, please don't be upset with what i have to say.

i was dx'd with cfs for a year. cfs has never been proven to exist. rather it is what doctors tell you you have when they don't have a diagnostic marker to tell you otherwise. it is sheer incompetence. as well there are many charlatans selling lots of unregulated supplements and making billions, read billions, of dollars of the name of cfs.

please do not accept cfs as an answer.

in my case i was finally properly diagnosed with lyme disease, which is very hard to diagnose and treat itself. this is the first thing i would check out. if not exhaust all possibilities.

this is your life don't let some man or woman in a white lab coat label you because they have a degree and you don't. take charge of your life.

cfs is not real, rather it is an amalgamation of symptoms of which anyone can be described. in the same vein candida rarely exists (you can have a dysbiosis test to check yeast levels in your stool) and has never been proven to be endemic to the immune system.

take care and be well. i hope for the best for everyone here.

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