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Re: CFS is a misdiagnosis

Originally Posted by mcpucho
.cfs is not real, rather it is an amalgamation of symptoms of which anyone can be described. .
CFIDS does, indeed, exist! This kind of statement only perpetuates false information that does nothing to help the great many people who suffer from this illness. CFIDS and Lyme disease are not the same. Lyme disease can be detected through tests, CFIDS cannot. I did research years ago on Lyme disease and unless that information has changed, those symptoms differ from that of CFIDS.

Please do some research and also go to the CFIDS foundation home page for accurate information about the specifc symptoms necessary for diagnosis. Unfortunately, many people feel as you because they simply do not know the facts, This can only lead to yet fewer supportive friends and family of those who have this illness, and support is very much needed.

CFIDS is NOT about just being tired, which can describe anyone! Having had this for 12 years, I can tell you that it is a very specific immune disorder that has certainly changed the quality of my life drastically. Granted, there is still little or conflicting information as to the CAUSE of CFIDS (not so for Lyme disease), but this is true for many disorders and is no reason to dismiss it as a non-existant illness.

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