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Re: CFS is a misdiagnosis

There are lots of people diagnosed with CFS that do have other conditions.
like MS or Lyme disease but there are millions of people out there like myself who are given the label CFS because there is no evidence of any other condition. CFS is a general name for people who are ill and who may have suffered a virus in the past but doctor's can't find another disease process.

I have had bad viruses in the past Hepatitus A and Glandular Fever (Mono) twice and 10 years down the line something is still attacking my system. I am still being investigated for MS/Lyme/Lupus etc but it would have shown up as damage in my brain or in my blood by now. I have been tested for every disease you can think of.

The only evidence I have that I am not imagining it, is that my blood tests show inflammation in the body, high protein levels and antibodies fighting something. After them exploring every other reason for my body to be fighting something they really can't find the 2nd piece of information which points them to a particular disease/condition and they have really tried.

The viruses I had in the past are still busy and active ten years down the line continuing there work and invading my body causing a whole range of problems. One day they may be able to identify exactly what virus or bacteria is causing it (I have had epstein barr virus in the past)
but because they can't anwser at the moment they say it is a illness which is the result of a virus infection: so they call that CFS.

So I understand why you would think it doesn't exist but what do you say people like myself are suffering from if every other alternative disease/condition has been exhausted?