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Ya know what, I wanna be a doctor I think..

Granted I'm almost 30 years old, and the chances of it ever happening since I feel like total crap every darn day, and I doubt I'd make it to class on a regular basis, but still.. I think I'd make a DAMN good doctor - or at the very least, an awesome nurse. I sit and dream about it.

I swear to God, I'd be the doctor that patients would be fighting to get in to see. I'd be the most compassionate, understanding, and open minded doctor there is. If I didn't understand an illness, I would be on the internet day after day looking things up to better my education on it. I wouldn't toss patients out and say "oh well I just can't help you". If I couldn't figure things out, I'd be sending them to someone else that I believed COULD help them.. not just say "well I just don't know". I would hug patients when they cried. I would be aggressive in finding the correct treatment. If I sent a patient to a specialist that I believed in, I would then ask them how it went with that doctor... if that specialist treated them like a hypochondriac, I'd never send another patient there and I would do my best to find one with a great bedside manner who would take them seriously.

Now I know that being a doctor has got to be some really hard work.. of course it is. But I swear I truly believe that some of these quacks/idiots/******* just got into medicine for the money. I've had two doctors in the past who were absolutely WONDERFUL people. If they couldn't figure something out, I'd be damned if they just told me "well I don't know" and send me on my way to find another doctor on my own. Their bedside manner was like that of a best friend. You could talk to them about anything, they would hug you when you were hurting whether it was emotional OR physical. They made it a point to let you know that they were there FOR YOU, not the money. That's what I would love love LOVE to be in life.

Have you ever just sat and thought about what your "calling" is in life? I haven't figured mine out yet.. if there even is one. Surely it can't just be to sit at home in pain. Maybe once I can get on the right treatment, I should be out doing things for other fibromyalgia patients. Maybe like a mentoring type thing.. or volunteering when they can't drive themselves to and from doctors appointments or help them get groceries when it's too hard for them to walk around the grocery store. I'd do all this for free.

ahhhh to dream....

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