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Re: Father in law recently had surgery and I have questions

There are a few things he can try for the gas.

Gas-X, might work if the gas is being generated higher up the GI. It coaleces bubbles into larger bubbles, the theory being that these will pass quicker.It has limited effect on me.

Beano is a pill containing enzymes that break down sugars that feed gas producing bacteria such as those found in beans and lentils. It does help against those foods.

Acidopholus is the bacteria found in yogurt. If your Father-in-law likes yogurt this will help a lot in settling his stomach(as long as he isn't lactose intolerant!!!!!!). You can also buy acidopholus pills that are taken after a meal. I find that this really does cut down on the amount of gas I get as long as I keep up with at least one pill a day. Check the expiration date on the bottle, they lose potency the longer they sit on the pharmacy shelf.

Don't gulp food or drink, don't slurp drinks or soup.
Eat slowly, chew well, don't use a straw, don't talk while eating. Stay away from carbonated drinks or at least let them go a little flat first.

If diarrhea is a problem try a couple of marshmellows first before Immodium or other chemical treatment since the later tend to shut things down for a day or two..... For upset stomach , soda crackers or peppermint tea (peppermint candies also work but it has to be real peppermint not peppermint flavor) If the tea is not to his taste you can try a regular tea bag plus a peppermint tea bag in the kettle.