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Re: Moisturizer and cleanser suggestion when usingTazorac?

Ok heres the short story Sister and I at age 15 and 19 respectively both had problem skin - just overall issues, nothing horrible but consistent and enough - both went on accutane (this is back in 1995-1998) twice and it helped her permanently but not me.

I went on Retin A around 2000, a little better but then back again. Then in 2002 I went on Differin and it helped a bit again, but as soon as I got off - nothing. and not enough of an improvement to keep it up. I moved to a warm climate so just waited to see if it would improve, but as of mid 2004 (now its not. Its not cystic, its just more like marks, dots, enlarged pores, uneven skin, oily and dry - weird combo, and bad around my mouth area.

So he suggested Tazorac as Im 26 now and have been trying things for 9 years! It turns out I may have a hormone inbalance which would explain this so I may end up having to go on birth control for it (totally other topic!) but that might explain why nothing has worked. I would stay away from Accutane if you can - some of the stores I read are horrible.

Differin may work for you - i know some people who had great results, and it wasnt that harsh for me. Or retin-a micro. good luck!