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Re: IBS With Constipation

Hi Upshutter,

I would encourage you to try Bile salts if prune juice doesn't work. Here is what I write for other people:

This is a method I came up with (if you have the patience to read it) - since I've developed my own methods of solving my IBS troubles.

You can take a quarter of a pill of Bile salts with your meals if you suffer from hard stools type constipation. Bile is produced by the liver and dumped in the intestines by the gall bladder. It is primarily used by the body to help with the digestion of fats, but it also helps in two other ways. It controls the level of absorption of water in food through the intestine and it acts as an intestinal laxative. There are two nerves in the brain which are typically irritated in patients suffering from IBS. The two nerves are responsible for controlling the gall bladder, and causes it to either overdump bile or to put insufficient amounts into the intestine. When there is insufficient bile, the body absorbs too much water from the food and causes hard stool constipation. When there is too much bile, the body can either not absorb enough water or it sometimes causes the food to rapidly leave the body (diarrhea). (This is why the use of bile absorbants such as colestid or questran help diarrhea sufferers)

It is important if you are taking bile salts to take it with a meal, because otherwise it tends not to spread uniformly in the food - so some parts of your peristalsis (food movement) will be sluggish and some other parts smooth - possibly causing gas and bloating.

It is also important to take a quarter of a pill (split it with a pill splitter), because it is extremely effective. Only take it if you are sure to suffer from hard stool constipation, because it can cause normal stools to become watery or it can worsen diarrhea. If you need to increase your dosage you should be the judge, but be extremely cautious.

It is used by people who have had their gall bladders removed. It is usually available for low prices over-the-counter at drug stores and natural food stores. (I got mine for about $8.00 Canadian).

Well, I hope this helps you somewhat Upshutter.

Cheers, Raju.