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Re: Enlarged thyroid and "Normal" blood results????

I have been monitored for several years, but always had my levels come back within range, and have now been diagnosed with both thyrioditis and multinodular goiter, my thyroid is compressing my esophagus and I have great difficulty swallowing. I have been on thyroxine for 4 months now to try to supress and shrink some of it and to see about tolerating the tablets ( I tried this once before but had horrible side effects from the comination of ther meds I was taking) and be prepared better for surgery ( hopefully mid-August or September). I think it is possible to have labs within normal range but also to consider treating the symptoms/whole patient. Since I was exhibiting symptoms/signs of hypo- weight gain, hair thinning/breakage, fatigue etc. starting replacement I sleep less, have healthy hair and feel so much better. Good Luck!