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Re: Worried, losing work and scared of losing our house!

Hey an overcounter drug that helps is Immodium AD.... Most people on here would tell you not to use it b/c it can stop you up for like 3 days but it definitely gets the job done.... And most gastros will approve the use of this long term, as it does not cross the blood-brain barrier... However, you're not treating the root problem, just masking it w/ a bandaid.... You could ask about a drug called Donnatal or something similar(anti-spasmadics)... They provide a sedative effect as well as providing relief from the spasms, ie. they reduce the gastric motilitiy.... Some have found these types of drugs useful... Also taking a calcium supplement (CALTRATE +D) works wonders for some.... this type of calcium has calcium carbonate, carbonate is the least absorbable of all the calciums, but this is how it works for people who suffer w/ D.... it works by not working, the unabsorbed parts get into the intestines and absorb water(this is to my knowledge anyways....) but yeah there are options.. and if its extreme, there are drugs like Lotronex, that are used for severe D, w/ limited prescriptions, only after all possible tests have been done...... Also, try changing the diet... Most people have problems with MILK PRODUCTS w/ a condition w/ D.. however most do not recognize this.. try switching to Soy milk..... And staying away from creamers in coffees, caffeine.... greasy fried foods... Switch to grilled stuff... But definitely look into changing the diet first and foremost..... Because if you aren't eating the right foods, you're going to have problems even w/ medications.... get the right food and vitamins, and then use the medicine to assist you...