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Re: Adult Dyslexia

I can relate. 5 yrs. ago, I noticed I had to re-read or re-write things. I have High IQ
& I worked hard to not let on. Spoke to Dr. & asked exactly what you asked. Said it
isn't possible! He knew me well, so I asked him to quickly dictate a phrase. He then
saw letters in words reversed. Thought it was stress. Months later, words reversed
on paper or I'd think `red-house' & speak house-red. Told Dr. I felt like a brain glich
was happening. It still is & I type slow on the computer for accuracy. Mri showed a
small vessel problem in the left brain but nothing to them. I believe inflammation
happens off/on causing pressure. Writing skills come from left brain. I was told I had
a `gliosis' or small ischemic attack type stroke. Common over 40. Don't know when it
happens. Controlling stress over this was difficult but I've learned to accept it & the
MD's don't get it. We suffer from what I call IDN. (I Dun-Know)! I take Xanax off/on
& it slows my brain down enough to breathe before a task. It's a neuron thing. You're not alone or losing your marbles.