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Re: Manage anger... is it even possible?

Originally Posted by neener5151
I left the stress behind in my life and moved on. I get in this horrible mood swings. I don't know if I get a high off of making people mad or what but I can't calm down. I snap on my boyfriend for the dumbest things. Three days ago me, him and my sister hung out, well my bank messed up my account so I was really mad. Understandable... I think. Well I went to get gas and when I came out from paying my sister was in the front and I completely snapped on her. All she was doing was fixing my cd because it was skipping. She was only trying to help. I felt bad about snapping on her but I can't stop. I do it over the smallest things. Is something wrong with me? What can I do to stop?
I was like that with my ex boyfriend.

What is going on in your life? Are you in a job you hate? Is your boyfriend not pulling his weight around the house?