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Re: Past Friends and Lonliness

Hi Brend

I really do understand what your saying and nothing is worse than when your friends start to give up on you because you just can't to everything in the spur of the moment like you once use to . I have some good friend that have stuck by me no matter what and then I have some that just faded out of the picture. It is hard to look back and see that you can't do what you use to I think we all look back and remember the good days .
I look at this sometimes as a blessing I have met some of the most wonderful people since I have had fibro that I know I would never have met so to be it can be such a pain in the butt and at the same time it has brought me into this world of kind caring and loving friends that I am truely blessed to have as friends now.
I do hope that your spirits pick up and that your feeling better soon these down days are hard on us and we all have them.
hugs Franny