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To Calv

Hey Calv,

Just seen your post asking how i'm getting on. Read abit on the thread and seen that your not too good again. Amazing how it comes back when you thought it never would and how you thought you have it straight in your head. blah blah blah!

All i can say to you bud is that it will go away and it will probably come back again. As you get older and you learn more about yourself it will be a little easier, it has for me anyway, but i put that down to learning new ways to deal with it. I dont think OCD will ever dissapear for me but i learn how to deal with it best. For me that means going on the meds when i need them and off again when i don't need them. As you know therapy has never been sucessful for me. But i think thats because i've never seen the right person.

I haven't read the Angelina post a few people have mentioned, purly because i get the drift what it says and i dont want to read it. I'm feeling a bit dodgy again at the moment also so i dont need to be pushed over the edge. Although i'm mainly having problems with the relationship side of my OCD at the moment. Its a shame people write that stuff, they dont realise how destructive it is to us, their messing with peoples lives.

Anyway, let me know how your doing and stuff, i'm sure we can help each other out again. Out of interest, have you been watching Big Brother? If so does it cause anxiety for you watching the gay guys in there?


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