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The loss of attraction to women is one of the scariest things about this in my opinion. The reason being, when you having all these thoughts, urges and rumtations the one thing that makes you feel better is when you see a hot girl and are attractted to them. When that goes as well you just feel like giving up and joining the Mardi Grai!! But all i will say is ive been there and so have you before and it always comes back. To add to that its one of the last things to start to recover, ive said before you cant force it, it just happens one day and we all know how happy we are when that feelign comes back. All of a sudden we have our hetrosexuallality back! Alex just try and take faith in it coming back and dont do too much checking, a near impossability i know.
Are you still on the meds Calv? i come off mine a fair time ago now. dont feel i need to be back on them yet but i'm certainly keeping watchful eye on myself this time! i'm not going to slip back to the depths of last winter. Talking of winter, dont know if anyone else finds all this harder in the winter but i certainly do. I'm dertermined to get a good exercise routine going this winter, excercise really helps me out with the anxiety.