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Red face Re: Past Friends and Lonliness

No one around here where I live will actually talk to me. We have what we call a "Loud Mouth" across the street, you know the kind who talks about everyone else all the time, and most of it is detrimental to the one talked about...well my next door neighbor has been living next door for about 5 months now, and I got to speak to her today (she has 3 kids and usually running around busy) and she told me that the "loud Mouth" has been talking about me again. She says I am being classified as mentally ill because I never come out of the house. and she added that I was called a freak because the ambulance had to come for me 3 times this year. She had the nerve to say she saw I was all strapped down and I was screaming at the police and calling them names>>>>> DUH?? Whare does this S*** come from. How can people be so cruel? And when did THAT ever happen? How come I don't know about it??? *Shakes head* Friends like that, who needs enemies. Are people so bored that they have to make up things to have a conversation with others? Maybe that was why my next door neighbor was avoiding me? When she first moved in we would always share recipes and talk, and then it stopped all of a sudden. Now I know why. Its Not Fair. Do any of you have people on your block like that?
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