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Well I am back! I am now having constant chest tightness again, need advice please

The last time I posted on my condition I had just received good news after my thallium stress test back in March. I had 3 - 5 ekg's, 1 stress test, and the thallium stress test. Saw a cardio who didn't think anything was wrong too. Well after the good news I decided to try to get on with my life because I had become obsessed that something was wrong with me especially after all the stories on the internet of people finding out there was a problem after lots of tests. After a couple weeks all of the chest tightness was gone, everything else gone too, ie., back pains, shoulder blade pains, tooth pain (which i do get with migraines). I started working out again 4 times a week. 40 to 60 minutes with weights and then 20 to 30 on a precor elliptic machine (pretty strenuously too). Well a couple weeks ago I was sick for a week and I started noticing chest tightness again. No coughing, just malaise, stuffy nose, a tickle in my throat when breathing in and lots of drainage from my nose too. The chest tightness has now become constant again. I am beginning to really worry again now. Could I have passed all of those tests, resumed my life with alot of strenous exercise only for there to really be a problem (blockage/heart). It is four months later. Chest tightness doesn't change with exercise but it does get tighter and more bothersome when I take a deep breath. I am experiencing the same problems as before. I have an occasional aching in my shoulder blade too just like before. The chest tightness has been constant for 8 days now since I began experiencing again. I would have thought if there was a problem 4 months ago I would have had something happen during this time while exercising or something. I appreciate any insight.

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