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Re: Vitamins for eczema?

Originally Posted by theREDshoes
I've read that skin problems like eczema are about the body not being able to get rid of toxins so a supplement that I've seen on another board recommended by someone who had the problem was the herb milk thistle. Milk thistle is excellent for the health of your liver. Your liver processes all of the things, including toxins, that you put in your body.

Also good for skin conditions like eczema are essential fatty acids, such as primrose oil, or flax seed (or fish oil).
How interesting! I was just persuing the vitamin board as I have a question and was looking to see if an answer was already here, but when I read this I just got to thinking. I developed eczema on the bottom of my left foot about 7 ot 8 years ago. I had just started drinking many times a week at that point. Over the years it got worse and I drank more often and lots more each time. The eczema just stayed and became highly annoying. It bothered me most after I took my shoes and socks off for bed and it would itch so bad I could not sleep or would wake me up. I itched it raw sometimes. I found some cream (Diprolene) that helped. I had it from my ex's eczema in a drawer from years back. Got a RX filled by my sis who worked at a big clinic. So anyway I quit drinking cold turkey two years ago and about six months after that I was never bothered witht he eczema again. I did not link the two together, but could it be? Alcohol can effect your liver in a bad way, so??? Whatcha think?